Quarter 1, Week 1: 8/31- 9/4/2020- Innovation and In-person Students

Monday, 8/31/2020:

First Day 2020-21 school year

Newcomb syllabus 20-21

Lab safety rules 2020-21

Timeline for 8th grade science topics tests and grading periods

Remind document and codes

Wednesday, 9/2/2020:

Bacteria and Viruses video:



Thursday 9/3/2020:

Infographic examples


TeacherMichael Scitney
Subject AreaComprehensive Science III
Grade Level8
Week #1
Unit of InstructionScience Process
Standard(s) Taught

Discuss what characterizes science and its methods.
Distinguish between scientific and pseudoscientific ideas.
Analyze the methods used to develop a scientific explanation as
seen in different fields of science.
Design and conduct a study using repeated trials and replication.
Understand that scientific investigations involve the collection of relevant
empirical evidence, the use of logical reasoning, and the application of
imagination in devising hypotheses, predictions, explanations and models
to make sense of the collected evidence.
Define a problem from the eighth grade curriculum using appropriate
reference materials to support scientific understanding, plan and carry out
scientific investigations of various types, such as systematic observations
or experiments, identify variables, collect and organize data, interpret
data in charts, tables, and graphics, analyze information, make
predictions, and defend conclusions.
Use phrases such as “results support” or “fail to support” in science,
understanding that science does not offer conclusive ‘proof’ of a
knowledge claim.
Explain how hypotheses are valuable if they lead to further investigations,
even if they turn out not to be supported by the data.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will:
• describe science as the study of the natural world
• cite examples of science and pseudoscience (can it be tested?)
• understand the need for a common system of measurement (metric system)
among scientists
• discuss the VARIOUS methods used by scientists to answer questions or solve
problems (controlled experiments, observational studies, engineering by design,
trial and error, simulations, modeling, etc.)
**Work to break the misconception that there is only 1 method used by scientists**
NOS Focus: Differentiating science and pseudoscience; Methods used in science.
• Review Lab Safety
• engage in a lab where students:
-form a hypothesis
-follow a procedure using repeated trials
-collect data, take measurements, analyze and interpret graphs
-draw a conclusion based on evidence
-use phrases such as “results support” or “fail to support” their
hypothesis/claim (NOT PROVE OR DISPROVE) and how it leads to
further investigations (revise and repeat)

Classroom Activities

Overview of the week’s activities for all students:

-Review course syllabus and lab safety agreement with students
-Review student lab kit materials
-Review timeline of course topics, approximate testing times and grading periods
-Visit Classroom Connect, Edgenuity and Remind websites to check for understanding of technology use
– Students complete information surveys
-Lab safety activity
– Hand-washing activity

Daily Lesson plans for Innovative Students week of 8/31 – 9/4/2020:

Monday, 8/31/2020:

  1. Zoom log-in and attendance
  2. Review First Day power point (mini-discussion on what is science, review Classroom Connect, Edgenuity, Remind, lab kit materials and other class materials)
  3. No homework

Wednesday, 9/2/2020:

  1. Sign on to the Zoom session using meeting ID and passcode sent through Remind and email.
  2. While Dr. Newcomb takes attendance use a piece of paper to write down and answer the following bell work questions:

What are some examples of living things?

Describe a time when you were sick and how it was treated.

Why should you cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze or cough?

Why should you stay home when you’re sick?

What are ways you can prevent yourself from getting sick?

  1. After attendance has been taken, students’ bell work should be done. Dr. Newcomb will review the bell work answers with all students. After this time, Innovative students will be released from the Zoom to work independently on today’s assignments. Please write down any questions you have as you work. When you are done with today’s classwork, email Dr. Newcomb your list of questions at newcombj@ivyhawnschool.org (I am not referring to an assignment with questions but ones to help understand. So, you may not have any questions and that is okay.)

Today’s assignments (for Innovative students to complete independently – off of the Zoom)

  1. Please check and make sure you can log-in to Edgenuity

-The log-in site is: https://auth.edgenuity.com/Login/Login/Student

***Your username is a “1” in front of your alpha code

***The password is your birthday. Try different combinations as some password use “0”s and others do not. For example a birthday 1/21/2007 might be: 01212007 or 1212007

Please email Dr. Newcomb if your are unable to log-in to Edgenuity and / or do not see science on your main page (dashboard where all classes should pop up)

  1. Once you have accessed Edgenuity complete the following assignments on Edgenuity by next Wednesday, 9/9/2020: Science Talk, Student information, Parent / Guardian information (to be completed by the parent or guardian). Assignments are submitted by pressing the blue submit button in the bottom right hand side.
  2. Watch the video on Bacteria and Viruses (you may need to copy link into browser.) https://www.generationgenius.com/?share=7DCDB
  1. Read the article below on Bacteria and Viruses:

Bacteria and Viruses article

  1. Based on what you have just watched and read answer the following Genius Challenge questions (open document):

Bacteria and Viruses article Bacteria and Virus Genius Challenge Questions

Save your bell work, article and Genius Challenge question answers for an activity tomorrow.

What you need for class tomorrow, Thursday 9/3/2020:

-Vegetable oil or some other type of cooking oil (2 tablespoons at most)


-Access to soap and water for handwashing

-Color pencils, markers or crayons

-White construction paper or printer paper (optional as this part of the assignment may be done on the computer)


-For complete grades information check Focus

 -Please check the course timeline posted on Classroom Connect for an overview of the course and important dates.

-Dr. Newcomb will provide copies of the course syllabus, timeline, lab rules with the unit reviews and unit notes. Pick-up time for unit notes and unit reviews is to be determined, but I will send it out vie Remind. Students will not need these materials until they have been available for pick-up.

Thursday, 9/3/2020:

  1. Sign on to the Zoom session using meeting ID and passcode sent through Remind and email.
  2. While Dr. Newcomb takes attendance open the Virus vs Bacteria power point on Classroom Connect. Use this power point to review the information on viruses and bacteria from the video and article on Wednesday.

Virus vs bacteria

*Check your answers to the Genius Challenge Questions using the power point.

Today’s assignments (for Innovative students to complete independently – off of the Zoom)

  1. Open the “Cinnamon and oil hand washing mini-lab” on Classroom Connect. Follow the directions listed in the lab.

Cinnamon and oil hand washing Mini-Lab

Handwashing article

            *The hand washing infographic is a part of this mini-lab. This infographic is a formative grade due 9/11/2020. Please follow the directions on how to create and submit the infographic as stated in the mini-lab. Email me with any questions. Examples of infographics are on Classroom Connect.

Infographic examples


Complete the following assignments on Edgenuity by next Wednesday, 9/9/2020: Science Talk, Student information, Parent / Guardian information (to be completed by the parent or guardian).

Hand washing infographic due 9/11/2020

We will look at lab safety next week.

Assignments Due

Please complete the following assignments in Edgenuity under the Welcome to 8th Grade Science Unit and in the Development of Scientific Knowledge lesson:
1. 8th grade science student information 20-21 school year due by 9/9/2020
2. 8th grade science parent information 20-21 school year due by 9/9/2020
3. 8th grade science lab safety agreement due by 9/10/2020
4.Science Talk assignment due by 9/9/2020
5. Hand-washing infographic due by 9/11/2020 (date changed from 9/10 to 9/11)

Additional Resources