Q3W9: February 27-March 3

TeacherAndrew Wilson
Subject AreaUS History
Grade Level8
Week #26
Unit of InstructionAge of Jackson
Standard(s) Taught

SS.8.A.4.1 Examine the causes, course, and consequences of United States westward
expansion and its growing diplomatic assertiveness (Texas Annexation,
Manifest Destiny, Oregon Territory, Mexican American War/Mexican
Cession, California Gold Rush, Gadsden Purchase).

SS.8.A.4.3 Examine the experiences and perspectives of significant individuals and
groups during this era of American History.


Learning Targets and Learning Criteria
Classroom Activities



Vocab – 

  • Manifest Destiny – the belief that the United States was destined to extend to the Pacific Ocean
  • Emigrant- person who leaves their country
  • Annex- take control of territory

Manifest Destiny


Westward Expansion Notes – Guided Notes

Manifest Destiny Notes – All slides up to Mexican-American War

Wednesday – 

Play Oregon Trail – WS in class


Finish Notes – Mexican- American War

Textbook Bias WS

Assignments Due

Jackson Hero or Villain?

Additional Resources