Intro Arts, A/V (Intro to Film) – Q1W2

Intro Arts, A/V (Intro to Film) – Quarter 1 Week 2

Assignment 2: Singin’ In The Rain movie review

In class we have been watching the movie Singin’ In The Rain. After we finish, each student will write their own review. I provided a link to the movie below.

Review details:

What did you like? If you did not like the movie, was there anything about it that you can appreciate?

What didn’t you like?

How did the movie relate to what we have been talking about in class.

Were there any good quotes from the movie that you can remember?

Would you recommend this movie to others?

Topic discussion: Film History and the transition from the Silent Era to the Golden Age of Hollywood

Link to view Singin’ In The Rain online:

Link to Film History, from the Silent Era to the Golden Age of Hollywood:

Link to video about Buster Keaton:

Link to Charlie Chaplin clips: