TeacherSheri Potter
Subject AreaFundamentals of Agriscience
Grade Level8th grade
Week #Q2W1-W3
Unit of InstructionElementary Facilitation
Standard(s) Taught

11.01 Identify attitudes and habits necessary to achieve career success.

12.03 Prepare written and/or oral materials using correct English grammar.

10.05 Demonstrate effective communication skills through delivery of a speech or conducting a demonstration.

02.01 Describe the proper handling of production animals.

12.05 Locates, organizes, and interprets information from a variety of agricultural sources.

05.03 Describe proper safe handling techniques for poultry products.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

This week we’re digging into a certain agricultural career…Ag Ed and you’re all becoming teachers! Remember, I believe in YOU…now let’s get started on this next adventure!

Classroom Activities

Tuesday: As a class, brainstorm on WHAT you would like to facilitate as a lesson into the K/1 classrooms. THEN determine who will be doing the facilitation (Who likes speaking in public? Who prefers the planning/organization part of the project?) You will ALL be facilitating the same lesson but perhaps in different ways. Today is all about working together. I need to know:

What standards will you be addressing for K/1?
What standards will you be addressing for yourselves?
What supplies will you need for each class?
Wednesday: Break into groups. Think about how you will organize your group! Who will do the facilitating (it can be everyone in the group if you decide on that)? Who will be responsible for writing the lesson plans? Who is going to be responsible for writing the letter to introduce your group to the teacher? You will also need a poster to grab the attention of the students – do you have an artist in your group? Come up with a plan today and start to put your plan into motion!

Thursday: Garden (we need a little fresh air and the front gardens need a little sprucing up) and then inside to work with our group! Today you will work on constructing your lesson plans and letter.

Assignments Due
Additional Resources

Please check Canvas for a full and complete list of resources.

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