Symphonic Band (2nd and 5th Period) Q2


Teacher: Mr. Halpin
Subject: Band 2/3
Grade 7-8
Grading Period 2nd 9 Weeks (October 15th-December 19th
Unit of Instruction Application of Rehearsal Techniques to Music Making

Standards Taught:

  • MU.68.C.1.1 – Develop Strategies for listening to unfamiliar works.
  • MU.68.C.2.1 – Critique personal performance, experiment with a variety of solutions, and make appropriate adjustments with guidance from teachers and peers
  • MU.68.C.2.2 – Correct using correct music vocabulary, changes in one’s own or others’ musical performance resulting from practice or rehearsal. 
  • MU.68.S.2.2 – Transfer performance techniques from familiar to unfamiliar pieces
  • MU.68.S.3.1 – Sing/Play age-appropriate repertoire expressively
  • MU.68.S.3.2 – Demonstrate proper instrumental technique
  • MU.68.S.3.3 – Sight-read standard exercises and simple repertoire.

Learning Targets/Objectives/Skills

  • Perform with a steady beat at various tempi
  • Differentiate between “in tune” and “out of tune” pitches and how to make appropriate adjustments
  • Perform daily warm-up exercises which promote tone production, ensemble blend and balance.
  • Detect note, intonation, rhythm, articulation errors in rehearsal and/or performance settings
  • Start and stop, and alter tempi and dynamics at the conductor’s command
  • Identify and define musical terms within current literature
  • Perform Winter Concert Music

Essential Questions

Does the Student….

  • Perform music with rhythmic and technical precision
  • Successfully perform music with a variety of articulations?
  • Demonstrate refinement of tone quality and intonation?
  • Demonstrate refinement of ensemble concepts?
  • Successfully perform music with an expanded rhythmic vocabulary?
  • Independently apply performance fundamentals (without prompting from the teacher?

EVENTS and Schedule

DeLand High School Middle School Night – Spec Martin Stadium, Friday, November 2nd, 6:00 PM
Ivy Hawn Symphonic Band DeLand High School Middle School Night

Music for DeLand Middle School Night
DHS never gonna Give you Up
DHS juicy kool aid
DHS alma fight

Ivy Hawn Veterans Day Schedule, November 8th, 6:30 PM
Nov 8 Schedule

Ivy Hawn Veterans Day – Lake Helen, November 9th, 9:00 AM
Ivy Hawn Symphonic Band Veterans Day Performance Lake Helen

Volusia County All-County Band Auditions
November 14th at Hinson Middle School
2018-2019 All-County MS Band Audition Requirements


Tuesday, December 18th at 6:30 PM.  Call Time for Students is 5:45 PM. 

Dress: Concert Black (Please see the band handbook for further details)

Admission is free!  Tell your family and friends about this performance!  The students have worked very hard on this program, and it will mean the world to them for your support!


I would like to congratulate Noah Andreason (Trumpet) for making the 2018-2019 Florida All-State Middle School Band!

I would like to congratulate Joella Weinstein (Flute) Nevaeh Hylton (Clarinet, Jacob Freidman (Clarinet) Richard Parrott (Clarinet), Kalib Fish (Bass Clarinet) Aidan McLarnon (Tenor Saxophone) Noah Andreason (Trumpet) and Charles Blair (Horn) for making the 2018-2019 Volusia All-County Middle School Band!

Practice Tracks and Music

Lyrical Etude

Technical Etude

All for Chanukah [Nicholas Forte]

Santa, You’re Late [James Ployhar]

Christmas Eve March [John Edmondson]