ELA/SS Plans: Week of 8/23-8/27, 2021

TeacherLisa Richling
Subject AreaELA/SS
Grade Level3
Week #Q1 W2
Unit of InstructionAsking and Answering Questions, Citizenship
Standard(s) Taught

ELA Standard: 3.RI.1.1, 3.RL.1.1:Ask and answer questions to demonstrate understanding of a text, referring explicitly to the
text as the basis for the answers.

Social Studies Standard: SS.3.C.2.1: Identify group and individual actions of citizens that demonstrate civility,
cooperation, volunteerism, and other civic virtues.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

ELA: Students will be provided whole group practice using the gradual release model to practice developing their own
questions based on a given text and by finding text evidence.

Students will understand the important components of writing a paragraph and will transfer that learning into writing a
paragraph of their own.

Social Studies: Students will understand what the rights and responsibilities of citizens are.

Classroom Activities

ELA: Students will begin practicing small group rotations and rotate to differentiated center stations.
Given differentiated text, students will develop their own questions and answers based on text evidence.
Students will view a powerpoint on the steps of writing a paragraph. Using the gradual release model (I Do, We do, You do)
they will develop a paragraph on a given topic.

Social Studies: Students will participate in a discussion about the rights and responsibilities of citizens and view a Brain
Pop video. We will discuss important vocabulary and use graphic organizers to understand what makes people good

Assignments Due
Additional Resources