Q2W7: 12/6-12/10

TeacherLisa Richling
Subject AreaELA/SS
Grade Level3
Week #Q2W7
Unit of InstructionAuthor's Perspective/Trade
Standard(s) Taught

ELA.3.V.1 Use grade level academic vocabulary appropriately.
ELA.3.R.1.3 Explain different characters’ perspectives in a literary text.
SS.3.E.1.1 Give examples of how scarcity results in trade. [. . . oil, video games,
SS.3.E.1.3 Recognize that buyers and sellers interact to exchange goods and
services through the use of trade or money

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

ELA learning target: Reading- Using anchor charts and visual instruction, students will identify the perspective of an author in text and how characters can have different perspectives.

Writing: Students will plan out their writing on what they would do if they were trapped in a snowglobe, edit it, and publish their final draft.

Social Studies Target: Students will learn about trade, bartering, and how we import and export goods.

Classroom Activities

*Students will view a powerpoint with different text features and be provided with opportunities to identify different author/character perspectives.
*Students will complete a writing about what they would do if they were trapped in a snow globe.
*Students will use vocabulary mapping and spelling sorts to understand their tier 2 vocabulary words and identify the various compound words in their spelling words in whole and small group.
*Students will learn about trade & bartering, imports/exports, and how certain places specialize in specific goods to trade through watching a Brain Pop video, reading text, and beginning a lapbook as a portfolio of their learning.

Assignments Due

*Formative assessment on trade: Wednesday 12/8 (open notes)
*Phonics, Vocabulary assessments: Friday 12/10
*Unit 4 Summative Assessment: Monday-Tuesday 12/13-14

Additional Resources