Holiday Shop

Here are pictures of each table in our Holiday Shop.  Elementary students will have a chance to browse the shop at school with their classroom and then purchase items another day.  Your teacher will be letting you know what day is your buy day.  Your student(s) will be coming home with a list of stuff they liked at the shop and then they will be coming home with an envelope to return on their buy day with their money inside.  Middle School will be able to come purchase items if they have money during their ELA class and the teachers will let them know what day that is.

Table 1= $0.25

Table 2= $0.50

Table 3= $0.75

Table 4=$1.00

Table 5=$1.50

Table 6=$2.00

Table 7=$2.50

Table 8=$3.00

Table 9=$3.50

Table 10=$4.00

Table 11=$4.50

Table 12=$5.00

Table 13=$5.50

Table 14=$6.00

Table 15=$6.50

Table 16=$7.00

Table 17=$7.50

Table 18=$8.00

Table 20=$10.00

Table 21=$15.00

Table 22=$20.00