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Unit 3 Compounds and Mixtures I can statements 8th Grade

PDF: DIA 2 test review 20-21

Word document: DIA 2 test review 20-21

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Introduction to Matter Unit 6 Lesson 1

What is matter foldable example: What is matter foldable example

Metric vs English system article: Metric System vs English System article

Metric vs. English system foldable (use article to complete):metric-notes-mass-volume-interactive-notebook

Metric system conversion problems (turn in when done. Do the even numbers A and B for each page): Metric system conversion problems

TeacherMichael Scitney
Subject AreaComprehensive Science III
Grade Level8
Week #9
Unit of InstructionDIA 2 and Physical Properties of Matter
Standard(s) Taught

SC.8.P.8.4 (Level 2)
Classify and compare substances on the basis of characteristic
physical properties that can be demonstrated or measured; for
example, density, thermal or electrical conductivity, solubility,
magnetic properties, melting and boiling points, and know that
these properties are independent of the amount of the sample.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will:
• classify substances based on their physical properties, including:
o thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, solubility, magnetism,
melting and boiling points, volume, and density
• investigate to explain how the physical properties of matter are independent of
the amount sampled, such as: density and conductivity
o NOS Focus – Design a controlled experiment
• determine the physical property being analyzed given data from a table

Classroom Activities

Please click on the link below for your science lesson plan for this week. This is a word document. Please look at the correct day, Monday, Wednesday or Thursday, for that day’s lesson and information related to that day’s lesson. Any additional links or documents are located at the top of the page.

Weekly lesson plan:

8th grade science in-person lesson plans 1102-1106

Assignments Due

Please wait until Wednesday to turn in the DIA 2 review, visual vocabulary, activity packet from last week (on elements, compounds, acids and bases) – there will be no place to upload it in gradebook until the start of the new quarter.

Additional Resources