Quarter 2, Week 6: 12/14- 12/18/2020 – Innovative students

DIA 3 review 2020 KEY

DIA 3 review 2020

Matter and Change Review KEY

Matter and Change Review

Unit 4 Properties of Matter I can statements 8th Grade

DIA 3 review Kahoot: https://create.kahoot.it/share/8th-grade-science-2020-21-dia-3-review/bc824096-6806-4bb6-8da0-2951a9c4c2fe

TeacherMichael Scitney
Subject AreaComprehensive Science III
Grade Level8
Week #15
Unit of InstructionPhysical Properties of Matter
Standard(s) Taught
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria
Classroom Activities
Assignments Due

DIA 3 will be given in class on Wednesday 12/16 and Thursday 12/17/2020.

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