Q4W4: April 11-15

TeacherAndrew Wilson
Subject AreaUS History
Grade Level8
Week #32
Unit of InstructionAntebellum North and South
Standard(s) Taught

SS.8.A.5.2 Analyze the role of slavery in the development of sectional conflict.

SS.8.A.5.1 Explain the causes, course, and consequence of the Civil War
(sectionalism, slavery, states’ rights, balance of power in the Senate). 

SS.8.A.4.2 Describe the debate surrounding the spread of slavery into western
territories and Florida

SS.8.A.4.1 Examine the causes, course, and consequences of United States westward
expansion and its growing diplomatic assertiveness (Wilmot Proviso,
Compromise of 1850, Kansas Nebraska Act, Lincoln-Douglas Debates). 

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria
  • I can explain how the spread of slavery caused conflict between North and South
Classroom Activities


Compromises on Slavery Notes

Compromises on Slavery


Road to Civil War Notes

Road to Civil War

Dredd Scott RT – Due for HW if not done in class


US History – John Brown RT

US History Adv – John Brown


Bellringer/Vocabulary Review

DBQ- What caused the Civil War?


Causes of the Civil War DBQ WS

What caused the Civil War?

  • At least 5 documents in support of your thesis (5 pts
  • Elaboration that explains how those documents prove thesis (5 pts)
  • Guidance –
    • Economic reasons? Cultural reasons? Political Reasons?
    • What longer term issues were there? Is there anything that specifically caused it to happen when it did?


Assignments Due

John Brown Editorial

DBQ Response

Additional Resources

Antebellum Study Guide – Test on Monday/Tuesday