Q3W7 2/13-2/17

TeacherDanielle Bartlett
Subject AreaELA & Social Studies
Grade Level5
Week #
Unit of InstructionUnit 6
Standard(s) Taught

Standards Addressed in Lesson:

·         5.C.1.1 Demonstrate fluent and legible cursive writing skills.

·         5.C.1.3 write to make a claim supporting a perspective with logical reasons, relevant evidence from sources, elaboration, organizational structure with varied transitions 

·         5.C.1.5 improve writing by planning, revising, and editing, with guidance and support from adults and feedback from peers

·         5.C.2.1 present information orally in sequence, using: nonverbal cues, appropriate volume, clear pronunciation, appropriate pacing

·         5.C.3.1 follow rules of standard English grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling

·         5.C.5.1 Arrange multimedia elements to create emphasis in oral or written tasks. 

·         5.F.1.3a apply knowledge of letter‑sound correspondences, syllabication patterns, and morphology to read/write unfamiliar single‑syllable and multisyllabic words 

·         5.F.1.4 read with accuracy, automaticity, and prosody or expression

·         5.R.1.1 analyze how setting, events, conflict, and characterization contribute to the plot 

·         5.R.1.2 explain the development of stated or implied theme(s) throughout a literary text 

·         5.R.1.3 describe how an author develops a character’s perspective

·         5.R.1.4 Explain how figurative language and other poetic elements work together in a poem 

·         5.R.2.2 explain how relevant details support the central idea(s) 

·         5.R.3.2a summarize a text: include plot and theme 

·         5.V.1.1 recognize/use academic vocabulary in speaking and writing 

·         5.V.1.1 Use grade‑level academic vocabulary appropriately in speaking and writing.

·         5.V.1.3 use context clues, figurative language, word relationships, reference materials, and/or background knowledge to determine meaning 

·         SS.5.A.5.1 – Identify and explain significant events leading up to the American Revolution.

·         SS.5.A.5.2 – Identify significant individuals and groups who played a role in the American Revolution.

·         SS.5.A.5.3 – Explain the significance of historical documents including key political concepts, origins of these concepts, and their role in American independence.

·         SS.5.A.5.4 – Examine and explain the changing roles and impact of significant women during the American Revolution.

·         SS.5.A.5.5 – Examine and compare major battles and military campaigns of the American Revolution.

·         SS.5.A.5.6 – Identify the contributions of foreign alliances and individuals to the outcome of the Revolution.

·         SS.5.A.5.7 – Explain economic, military, and political factors which led to the end of the Revolutionary War.

·         SS.5.A.5.8 – Evaluate the personal and political hardships resulting from the American Revolution.

·         SS.5.A.5.9 – Discuss the impact and significance of land policies developed under the Confederation Congress (Northwest Ordinance of 1787).

·         SS.5.A.5.10 – Examine the significance of the Constitution including its key political concepts, origins of those concepts, and their role in American democracy.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria
  • Unit Question: What compels us to survive?
  • Students will summarize a text.
  • Students will analyze characters
  • Students will explain the developments of themes
  • Students will analyze literary texts with similar themes
  • Students will explain what a revolution is.
  • Students will explain what the French and Indian War was.
Classroom Activities

·         Grammar morning work

·         Centers – writing, spelling/vocab, research, reading fluency, specific skill practice

·         Writing summaries

·         Character analysis

·         Compare texts

·         Introduction to American Revolution

·         French and Indian War

Assignments Due

·         Spelling test 2/17

·         Vocab test 2/17

·         Grammar test 2/17

·         U6W2 Test 2/14

Additional Resources

Spelling/vocab words:


Roots –

Scrib, script – write

1.       Descriptive – giving information about how something or someone looks, sounds, etc.; describing with words what someone or something is like.

2.       Manuscript – the original copy of a play, book, or piece of music before it has been printed.

3.       Prescription – a written message from a doctor that officially authorizes someone to use a medicine or treatment; a medicine or drug that a doctor has authorized someone to use.

4.       Scribble – to write something quickly and in a way that makes it difficult to read; to draw lines and shapes that have no particular meaning in a quick and careless way.

5.       Transcribe – to make a written copy; to write down something that is spoken.



Affixes –

-ic, -ous – having quality of

-ly – like

6.       Generic – of or relating to a whole group or class; not sold or made under a particular brand name.

7.       Domestic – of, relating to, or made in your own country; relating to or involving someone’s home or family; relating to the work that is done in a person’s home.

8.       Ambitious – having a desire to be successful, powerful, or famous; not easily done or achieved.

9.       Prestigious – inspiring respect and admiration; having high status.

10.   Orderly – neatly and methodically arranged.



Helpful ixl practice for those needing extra practice for grammar quiz:

TT.6, OO.10, OO.5, RR.3, II.6, FF.2, F.3, KK.1, LL.1

There are also games with parts of speech on ixl that will help on grammar


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