Q4W5 4/17-4/21

I apologize for the late posting

4/21 – spelling, vocab, reading tests

Reading – Novel Study Among the Hidden

Social Studies – Government test will be Tuesday 4/25 on Branches of Government. Students will bring packets home Friday after completing notes to study.

Spelling and Vocab

  1. Attract – to cause someone to choose to do or be involved in something; to cause someone to like or be interested in something or someone; to cause someone or something to go or move toward a place.
  2. Detract – to reduce the strength, value, or importance of something.
  3. Extract – to remove something by pulling or cutting it out; to get information from something or someone.
  4. Subtract – to take a number or amount from another number or amount.
  5. Traction – the force that causes a moving thing to stick against the surface it is moving along.
  6. Advance – to move forward; to make progress; to continue in the process of development.
  7. Adjacent – close or near; sharing a border, wall. Or point.
  8. Admire – to feel respect or approval for; to look at something or someone with enjoyment.
  9. Ambidextrous – able to use both hands equally well.
  10. Ambiguous – able to be understood in more than one way; having more that one possible meaning; not expressed or understood clearly.