4th and 6th Period Beginning Band 1st 9 Weeks

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Beginning Band Curriculum for 1st 9 Weeks

Concepts and Content Learning Targets/Skills Key Terminology  
Tone Demonstrate knowledge of the staff lines and spaces Intonation  


Demonstrate proper assembly and maintenance of their instrument Staff  
Pitch Demonstrate Correct embouchure (wind instrument) or grip (percussion Ledger Lines  
Rhythm Demonstrate the ability to perform with a steady beat Clef  
Articulation Produce a 10 second pitch on mouthpiece only/ and instrument Tempo  
Releases Demonstrate how to read a fingering chart Meter  
Balance Independently perfom the concert pitches of G, F, Eb, D, C, and Bb Whole Note/Rest  
Blend Perform exercises and songs containing the above concert pitches using the basic notes and rest values of whole, half, and quarter notes Half Note/Rest  
Instrument Maintenence Begin notes on wind instruments using a “t” or “d” syllable, withouth noticeable movement on chin, jaw, or throat Quarter Note/Rest  
Notes Release notes on wind instruments without altering pitch or tone Time Signature  
  Differentiate between “in tune” and “out of tune” pitches and how to make appropriate adjustments Bar Lines  
  Perform a daily warm-up routine consisting of descending long tones Measure  
    Parts of Instrument
Fingering Chart

Music Shack Website – https://www.musicshackcfl.com/

Music and Arts Website – https://stores.musicarts.com/fl/sanford/music-store-5507.html

ALTO SAX The First Six Notes
BASSOON The First Six Notes
CLARINET The First Six Notes
EUPHONIUM The First Six Notes
FLUTE The First Six Notes
FRENCH HORN The First Six Notes
OBOE The First Six Notes
TENOR SAX The First Six Notes
TROMBONE The First Six Notes
TRUMPET The First Six Notes
TUBA The First Six Notes

Time Signature SG – First Test SG – Test Corrections/Make-Ups at the End of the 9 Weeks

Finger Twisters 1 and 2
Finger Twisters
Finger Twisters 2