Beginning Band 2nd 9 Weeks

Teacher Mr. Halpin
Subject Area Beginning Band
Grade Level  6-8
Week # 10-18 (2nd 9 Weeks)
Unit of Instruction Applying Performance Fundamentals
Essential Questions
Does the Student….
  • Demonstrate knowledge of, and perform major scales and arpeggios?
  • Perform music using expressive elements?
  • Demonstrate refinement of tone quality and intonation?
  • Demonstrate increased proficiency in sight reading?
Standards Taught
MU.68.C.1.1 – Develop strategies for listening to unfamiliar works
MU.68.C.2.1 – Critique personal performance, experiment with a variety of solutions, and make appropriate adjustments with guidance from teachers and peers
MU.68.C.2.2 – Critique using correct music vocabulary, changes in one’s own or others’ musical performance resulting from practice
MU.68.S.3.2 – Demonstrate proper instrumental technique

MU.68.S.3.4 – Compare written notation to aural examples and analyze for accuracy of rhythm and pitch.

MU.68.H.3.1 – Identify connections among music and other content areas and/or contexts through interdisciplinary collaboration.

Learning Targets/Skills/Objectives

  • Perform Concert F and Bb Scales and Arpeggios with various articulations and rhythmic patterns. 
  • Perform selected exercises at sight
  • Perform music and/or exercises in 3/4 and 2/4 time
  • Understand and perform ties and slurs
  • Demonstrate knowledge of key signatures
  • Demonstrate function of sharps, flats, and naturals
  • Perform Music/Exercises that incorporate crescendo, decrescendo, and appropriate symbols.
  • Percussion students demonstrate ability to perform flam, flam-tap, and paradiddle
  • Perform Winter Concert Music



Beginning Band Rehearsal – After School rehearsal for Winter Concert Music – Wednesday, December 12th – From 2:30 to 3:30 PM in the Band Room.  Attending rehearsal is a summative assignment.  If your student cannot attend, please contact me immediately!  

Winter Concert – Tuesday, December 18th at 6:30 PM.  Call-Time for performers is at 6:00.  The concert counts as a summative grade.  Attendance is Mandatory!
Dress for the Concert:  Burgundy Ivy Hawn Polo Shirt/Burgundy Ivy Hawn Shirt, Black Pants, black socks, black shoes.  If you need help acquiring these, please let me know.  

Admission to the concert is FREE!  There are no limits for guests, so bring friends and family and support your students!  They have grown so very far in just a few months!