PE Quarter 1

TeacherWilliam Heller
Subject AreaPhysical Education
Grade Level6-8
Week #Quarter 1, Weeks 1-9
Unit of InstructionHeat injuries, hydration, warm ups, static stretches, bodyweight exercises and introduction to team sports
Standard(s) Taught

List appropriate warm-up and cool-down techniques and the reasons for using them.

Identify the precautions to be taken when exercising in extreme weather and/or environmental conditions.

List the three different types of heat illnesses associated with fluid loss.

List appropriate warm-up and cool-down techniques and the reasons for using them.

Demonstrate responsible behaviors during physical activities.

Identify the basic rules for team sports.

Explain basic offensive and defensive strategies in modified games or activities and team sports.

Provide feedback on skill patterns of self and partner by detecting and correcting mechanical errors.

List specific safety procedures and equipment necessary for a variety of sport skills and physical activities.

Describe how movement skills learned in one physical activity can be transferred and used in other physical activities.

Participate in moderate physical activity on a daily basis.

Participate in vigorous physical activity on a daily basis.

Demonstrate acceptance and respect for persons of diverse backgrounds and abilities in physical-activity settings.

Participate in games, sports and/or physical activities from other cultures.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will:

Recognize the different types of heat injuries and assess how to treat them

Relate how fluid loss can lead to heat injuries

Differentiate between hyponatremia and hypernatremia and how to care for the conditions

Analyze information from a heat index chart and apply proper safety standards for a hot climate

Classify whether a movement is a dynamic warm up, bodyweight exercise, or static stretch and demonstrate proper form for each

Analyze and critique movement of peers during exercise to improve mechanics

Learn a variety of team sports, their rules and concepts, and how to apply strategies for each

Identify safety measures for use of equipment and team sports and modify practices as needed

Infer how movements learned in one sport or activity may transfer to other sports or games

Classroom Activities

Weekly participation grade
Heat injuries and hydration test – written test
Demonstration of dynamic warm up, bodyweight exercise or static stretch – performance based test
Readings on heat injuries and hydration
Readings on the different types of movements
Practice of the types of movements
Indoor team sports until >90% of park permission forms are turned in, then outdoor games are on the table

Assignments Due

Weekly participation grade
Heat injuries and hydration test
Movements test

Additional Resources