Performance Needs, Hair and Makeup

Dance wear needed for performances:

Capezio Caramel Stirrup Tights
Black leotard
Capezio E-series neoprene arch Jazz Shoes in Caramel color

Black jazz pants
Black t-shirt
Black dress socks
Black Capezio E-series neoprene arch Jazz Shoes

Dark brown eyeshadow – goes in crease of eyelid
Medium, golden brown eyeshadow – goes on eyelid and blends with the dark brown
White eyeshadow – goes underneath eyebrow in thin line
Black liquid eyeliner – create one wing on each eye
Pink/dusty rose colored blush
Medium burgundy lipstick

How to apply makeup for stage:
Use a sponge to apply foundation to face, creating a blank palate
Brush the dark brown eyeshadow in the crease of the upper eyelid
Blend the golden brown into the eyelid and mixing with the dark brown
Brush the white in a thin line underneath your eyebrow
Use the black eyeliner on top of eye and extend the line out to create one wing going diagonally up, halfway towards the end of your eyebrow
Apply the blush to cheek bones
Powder goes last to seal the look

**Makeup is not required for Tech Class Dance Shows.

Hair:For all performances, a ballet bun will be required for all female dancers. A ballet bun consists of the following steps:
Slick back hair into a ponytail at crown of head (diagonally up from ears) and secure with a hair-colored rubber band
Separate ponytail into two pieces. Twist one piece and wrap around like a cinnamon roll, securing with bobby pins or hair pins as you go. Twist and wrap second piece around the outside of the first, creating a large, flat bun.
Use a hair colored hairnet as a finishing touch
Use hairspray to secure any fly-aways and make it look neat and professional

Supplies Needed:
Brush, comb, smoothing brush
Hair-colored hair ties
bobby pins or hair pins
hair-colored hairnet

Here is a video tutorial of how to do the ballet bun: