8 GP4 Week 1

Hello Families,
I am thankful staff and students had a week off to bring us into the fourth quarter!
I will be handling module-learning a bit differently to help increase student engagement. Instead of offering Module learning daily, students can look forward to participating in their modules once per week. The other part of the week will be reserved for working on class projects.
Currently, our class project is the before-mentioned Science-fair. Hopefully you received my e-mail about it!
Students will have plenty of class-time to complete their projects, but may need to conduct their trials at home. Students’ final projects will be submitted as a powerpoint, and there is no need to complete a tri-fold board.
Student Research Plan Templates are due and available through our course Canvas. The next step is developing a brief research paper. Students are encouraged to complete trials during the third-fourth week of the grading period. Projects are due May 2.

Please see the attachment below for our day-to-day activities!

Warmest regards,
Mr. Scitney

Week 1 Lesson Flow
GP4 Week 1