Q3W4, January 23 – 26

TeacherJanna Rodgers
Subject AreaELA
Grade Level7
Week #4
Unit of InstructionSetting and Poetic Forms
Standard(s) Taught

ELA.7.R.1.1 – Analyze the impact of setting on character development and plot in a literary text.

ELA.7.R.1.4 – Analyze the impact of various poetic forms on meaning and style.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria
  • Analyze the impact of setting (location, time period, and culture) on character actions
  • Describe the impact of poetic format on meaning
  • Analyze the impact of poetic format on meaning
Classroom Activities


Finish center rotations from last week


Read poems in the formats of sonnet (Shakespearian and Petrarchan/Italian)

Analyze sonnets – How many stanzas?  How many lines?  What is the rhyme scheme?   Is it Quatrain or Octave?  Sestet or Couplet?


  • Finish analyzing sonnets and then, begin writing a poem in one of the two formats analyzed; Shakespearian or
  • DEAR Time (15 minutes)



Assignments Due

Assigned last week

  • cPalms tutorial – how setting impacts meaning
  • Debate paragraphs 
  • Morphology Pretest (diagnostic)


Additional Resources


ESE – Special Considerations based on IEP

504– Special Considerations based on Accommodation Plan

ESOL – Appropriate printed material, pre-teaching activities, various instructional approaches, student engagement and thinking activities, differentiation, check for content comprehension, resources for assistance, reinforce study skills, linguistic modifications, specific vocabulary, alternative assessment.