Q3W5 January 30 – February 3

1 – Morphology – Roots, Prefixes, and Suffixes for Middle_High School SLPs

TeacherJanna Rodgers
Subject AreaELA
Grade Level7
Week #5
Unit of InstructionTake Control
Standard(s) Taught

Analyze the impact of setting on character development and plot in a literary text ELA.7.R.1.1

Analyze the impact of various poetic forms on meaning and style ELA.7.R.1.4

Integrate academic vocabulary appropriate to grade level in speaking and writing ELA.7.V.1.1

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria
Classroom Activities


Language Skills

  • IXL EE.5 & TT.1 to 80%

Collaborate & Compare: Analyze the Texts

  • go to: https://www.hmhco.com/
  • Log-in and be sure to select Volusia County Charter Dist
  • User – Alpha Code
  • Password – birthday
  • Go to your to-do assignments and complete the Collaborate & Compare: Analyze the Texts using characters from the passages we have read, “Thank You Ma’am” (pg 170), and “A Police Stop Changed This Teenager’s Life” (pg. 183).

Write a new sonnet using IAMBIC PENTAMETER!

  • Watch the video on classroom connect about Iambic Pentameter
  • Write a new 14-line sonnet using Iambic Pentameter


Assignments Due

IXL EE.5 and TT.1 (will have more time next week if they do not finish)

Collaborate & Compare: Analyze the Texts (online textbook)


Additional Resources