Q2: Week 7 12/5/22 to 12/9/22


  •  Rock Cycle Notes


  • Ride the Rock Cycle Activity

        • You are going to need to create the dice. (if you don’t have a printer, write it on a piece of paper and create little dice. Roll the dice and travel around to each station. Write down what you roll at each station. Do not stay at one station more then 3 turns in a row. 
        • After you fill all 12 steps you flip the paper over and you are illustrating your “rocks” journey on the rock cycle. Make it creative and colorful.
        • You are going to submit to the class period bin.
        • Rock cycle game
        • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7CnjoCu1154

Wednesday (12/7/22)

  • Rock Cycle Diagram (hour)
  •  Rock Cycle Project (30 min)
    • You and your group are going to create the rock cycle.
      • You can choose between doing a 
        • song
        • comic strip
        • or skit
      • You need to describe the process of rock formation and the rock cycle. Include academic vocabulary.( Metamorphic, Sedimentary, Igneous, heating, cooling, melting, magma, deposition, cementation, compaction, heat & pressure, weathering and erosian)
      • Rock Cycle Project & skits

Thursday & Friday (12/8 & 12/9/22)


  • Your next Test on this Unit is 1/19/23 & 1/20/23
  • All work for the 2nd quarter needs to be co.mpleted and submitted to me by 12/16/22