Q3W2, January 9-13, 2023


Comparing Constitutions Worksheet

TeacherCara Copeland
Subject AreaCivics
Grade Level7
Week #2
Unit of InstructionFederalism and the Role of Government
Standard(s) Taught

SS.7.C.3.4 – Identify the relationship and division of powers between the federal government and state governments.
SS.7.C.3.13 – Compare the constitutions of the United States and Florida
SS.7.C.3.14 – Differentiate between local, state, and federal governments’ obligations and services
SS.7.C.2.13 – Examine multiple perspectives on public and current issues.
SS.7.C.3.9 – Illustrate the law-making process at the local, state, and federal levels

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Compare concurrent, enumerated, reserved, and delegated powers as they relate to state and federal government.
Compare the amendment process of the U.S. and Florida constitutions.
Analyze the issues related to the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Classroom Activities


  • Federalism PowerPoint video (take notes-Independent)
  • Begin Reading, “The Federal in Federalism” packet¬†


  • Finish reading packet and answering the review pages 1-2


  • Informal Assessment: True/False on Federalism and finish packet
  • Venn Diagram Classroom activity


PM 2 Math and ELA

  • Chapter 13 Lesson 1 packet pages 190-195 (partner work)
  • Lesson Quiz (Independent)¬†
  • Flocabulary The Tenth Amendment 1. Video 2. Vocab cards 3. Vocab game 4. Quiz
Assignments Due

Federalism activities

13.1 Quiz

Flocabulary Quiz (Summative)

Next Week: Cpalms Tutorial – We Have Three Levels of Government
Students MUST upload the certificate into gradebook for credit


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