Q2 W2: October 24-28 (Regular)

TeacherAllison Omes
Subject AreaMath (Regular)
Grade Level7th
Week #Q2 W2
Unit of InstructionChapter 2 Operations with Rational Numbers
Standard(s) Taught

MA.7.NSO.2.2 Add, subtract, multiply and divide rational numbers with procedural fluency.
MA.7.NSO.2.3 Solve real-world problems involving any of the four operations with rational numbers.
MA.7.NSO.2.1 Solve mathematical problems using multi-step order of operations with rational numbers including grouping symbols, whole-number exponents and absolute value.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Find the products of rational numbers.
Find the quotients of rational numbers.
Apply order of operations to expressions involving rational numbers.

Classroom Activities

Lesson 2.4
Lesson 2.5
Lesson 2.6
Chapter 2 Test (5th and 6th periods Friday 10/28; 2nd period Tuesday 11/1)

Assignments Due

All students should have their logins for the digital textbooks.
Lesson 2.4: pg. 74-75 #’s 13-16, 23-27, 49
Lesson 2.5: pg. 82-83 #’s 12-16, 26, 28-31
Lesson 2.6: pg. 89-90 #’s 14-22, 27
IXL: Skill H.3

Additional Resources

bigideasmath.com for access to digital textbook