Q2 W6: November 28-December 2 (Accelerated)

TeacherAllison Omes
Subject AreaMath (Advanced)
Grade Level7th
Week #Q2 W6
Unit of InstructionChapter 3 Transformations
Standard(s) Taught

MA.8.GR.2.3 Describe and apply the effect of a single transformation on two-dimensional figures using coordinates and the coordinate plane.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Translate figures in a coordinate plane.
Reflect figures in a coordinate plane.

Classroom Activities

Lesson 3.1
Lesson 3.2

Assignments Due

Lesson 3.1 pg 135-136 #’s 7-9, 13-16, 18-20
Lesson 3.2 pg 142-143 #’s 12-14, 19-20, 27
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Additional Resources