Q3 W8: February 21-February 24 (Regular)

TeacherAllison Omes
Subject AreaMath (Regular)
Grade Level7th
Week #Q3 W8
Unit of InstructionChapter 5: Percents
Standard(s) Taught

MA.7.AR.3.2 Apply previous understanding of ratios to solve real-world problems involving proportions.

MA.7.NSO.1.2 Rewrite rational numbers in different but equivalent forms including fractions, mixed numbers, repeating decimals and percentages to solve mathematical and real-world problems.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Demonstrate mastery of ratios and proportions.
*Chapter 4 Test Wednesday February 22nd*
Rewrite fractions, decimals, and percents using different representations.

Classroom Activities

*Chapter 4 Test Wednesday February 22nd*
Lesson 5.1

Assignments Due

All students should have their logins for the digital textbooks.
Chapter 4 Test
Lesson 5.1 Exit Ticket
Lesson 5.1 Practice Problems pg. 241 #’s 8-11, 21-24, 33-34
IXL Skill J.9
Go to bigideasmath.com for access to the digital textbook!

Additional Resources