Q4 W5: April 24-28 (Accelerated)

TeacherAllison Omes
Subject AreaMath (Accelerated)
Grade Level7th
Week #Q4 W6
Unit of InstructionChapter 6 Probability
Standard(s) Taught

MA.8.DP.2.1 Determine the sample space for a repeated experiment.
MA.8.DP.2.2 Find the theoretical probability of an event related to a repeated experiment.
MA.8.DP.2.3 Solve real-world problems involving probabilities related to single or repeated experiments, including making predictions based on theoretical probability.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Find sample spaces of repeated experiments.
Find probabilities of events and make predictions.

Classroom Activities

Chapter 10 Test 4/25
Lesson 6.1
Lesson 6.2

Assignments Due

Lesson 6.1 video lesson
Lesson 6.1 Exit Ticket
Lesson 6.1 Classwork: pg. 297 #’s 6-11 and 13-17
Lesson 6.2 video lesson
Lesson 6.2 Exit Ticket
Lesson 6.2 Classwork: pg. 303 #’s 10-15 and 17-20
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Additional Resources