Week 8: 10/5-10/7

Forces Week 3:

Hello Families:

I hope everyone faired well during the storm. I recognize that many people were impacted in various ways. Please email me at Scitneym@ivyhawnschool.org if you have anything important to share regarding your student and the storm. I am very understanding and flexible. Please let me know what I can do to help.

Wednesday: Students watched a Bill Nye video on Forces and Motion and Answer Guiding Questions.

Thursday/Friday: Students conduct a Stations-based lab where they investigate different types of forces, balanced/unbalanced forces and calculate net force.

Graded Assignments:

Bill Nye Forces and Motion (Link to Video and Assignment Copy are in Gradebook under the associated assignment page.)

Forces Lab Sheet- I am planning to count this as a summative as our DIA                                                                     will likely be pushed back.

I will post the weekly lesson once I finish updating the Slides.

Best Wishes,

Mr. Scitney