Week 9: 10/10-10/14

Hello Families

This is our fourth week in learning Forces.

Students will have a Summative DIA Th/Fri of next week (10/20 and 10/21). It will assess the standards on the student tracker page that students should have as page 2 of their binder section for forces.

Students will have a Summative Lab Thursday and Friday of this week. It will be represented on the upcoming report card. Students will be able to remediate if needed, and I will be happy to submit a grade change once they do.

Students may make it up during lunch Wednesday of next week if they are absent. (10/19) In this event, I will mark it as excused until that make-up day. It will not reflect on their report card, and I will submit a grade change if it changes their grade.



This week students finished a forces investigation Monday (I will excuse students who were absent both Monday and my Th/Fri chunk from last week). I have included a few slides detailing what each station investigated in this week’s lesson.

Students had their first introduction to learning about calculating and graphing speed this Tuesday, and will build on that content Wednesday.

Please see the powerpoint below for details on this week’s lesson. (I’ll update it with lab instructions either Thursday or Friday).

Forces Week 4 SPEED Intro


Mr. Scitney