Online Learning Letter/Contact Info

Dear students,

I miss seeing you every day! I look forward to re-connecting online using Edmodo to share ideas and chat about how everything is going with you and your family.  We will also continue our learning through the Edmodo platform!

Everything that you need to be successful will be posted here and on our class Edmodo page: schedules of assignments, and links to resources, and websites that you will be using each week.

Our class will be moving to digital learning beginning 3/30/20.  (Paper packets will be distributed, to those who elected for paper-based materials instead of digital, each Monday beginning 3/30/20.) 

To access digital materials, please sign-in using the Edmodo code below by your class period. 

Here is our class remind code: @44792k

If you, or know of any parents,  that are not on remind…and need my help to join our class…please e-mail me.  This will be an easy way to schedule chats with me during office hours for any questions you may have, and for me to send out quick announcements.

To create an Edmodo account, go to and sign up using the following code by class period. You do not have to give an email, but you can use the V-portal address if you’d like.

Parents can use the same code so that they can see what is actively going on in our  class.

Period 1/5:       t5pegh                                       

Period 3/7:       7trize

Period 4/8:       8xycy7

I am available for office hours each day via remind or email:

I’m looking forward to seeing you online!

All my best,

Ms. Simmons