The Lost Art of Letter Writing-from me, With Love


For the Week of Monday, March 30 to April 6, 2020 (I will post every 6 days, per out rotations)

Ask your parents, do they have a box of letters that they treasure…letters from their parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, friends, etc.  I do, I have letters from my grandmother, that mean so much to me and I can still open them, look at her writing and feel she is right there with me, talking to me!  So for this week, I am hoping that you, and maybe your family, can write a nice letter to someone you love and miss!  That person can live miles away or across the street! 

There are several helpful hints, that can help you start writing. 1)  write from your heart, 2) write like you are in the room with them and talking to them, 3) share silly stories, 4) have fun doing it! 

I would love to see or hear your letters.  You can always call me at 386-314-4499 or email me at