Q2W3 11/1-11/5, 2021

TeacherLisa Richling
Subject AreaELA/SS
Grade Level3
Week #Q2W3
Unit of InstructionSequencing historical events/Election Day
Standard(s) Taught

ELA.3.R.2.1 Explain how text features contribute to meaning and identify the text structures of chronology, comparison, and cause/effect in texts.
SS.3.C.1.1- Explain the purpose and need for government
SS.3.C.1.2- Describe how government gains its power from the people
ELA.3.C.1.4- Write an expository text about a topic, using 1 or more sources, providing an introduction, facts, and details, some elaboration, transitions, and a conclusion.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

ELA learning target: Reading- Using anchor charts and visual instruction, students will recount historical events in sequence on a timeline.

Writing: Students will write their final draft on the bats they were researching following the editing phase.

Social Studies Target: Students will learn about the election process and how it is our responsibility as a citizen to participate in the election process by voting.

Classroom Activities

*Students will view a powerpoint with sample passages to practice sequencing important events and how to use signal words to identify the text structure of sequencing.
*Students will complete their final drafts of their bats writing.
*Students will use vocabulary mapping and spelling sorts to understand their tier 2 vocabulary words and identify the various compound words in their spelling words in whole and small group.
*Students will read text about the election day process and participate in a mock election to better understand how the voting process works.

Assignments Due

*Election day quiz: Tuesday 11/1 (open notes)
*Spelling, vocabulary, comprehension tests: Friday 11/5

Additional Resources