Q3W2- Week of 1/10-1/14, 2022

TeacherLisa Richling
Subject AreaELA/SS
Grade Level3
Week #Q3W2
Unit of InstructionFigurative Language/Economics
Standard(s) Taught

ELA.3.R.3.1: Identify and explain metaphors, personification, and hyperbole in text(s).
ELA.3.V.1 Use grade level academic vocabulary appropriately.
SS.3.E.1.3 Recognize that buyers and sellers interact to exchange goods and services through the use of trade or money.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

ELA learning target: Reading- Using anchor charts and visual instruction, students will identify various types of figurative language used in poetry and how to identify when it’s being used.

Writing: Students will begin their zoo animal research on an animal that they would like to research and complete notes about their features.

Social Studies Target: Students will learn about supply and demand and how it changes the price of goods.

Classroom Activities

*Students will view a powerpoint with different types of figurative language and be provided with opportunities to distinguish between the different types.
*Students will begin a research project about zoo animals by selecting an animal they want to research and reading an informational text in which they will take notes.
*Students will use vocabulary mapping and spelling sorts to understand their tier 2 vocabulary words and identify the various compound words in their spelling words in whole and small group.
*Students will learn about supply and demand, and how it affects pricing of goods through watching a Brain Pop video, reading text, and beginning a lapbook as a portfolio of their learning.

Assignments Due

*Formative assessment on supply and demand: Wednesday 1/12 (open notes)
*Phonics, Vocabulary, comprehension assessments: Friday 1/14

Additional Resources